Real Name: Francois Prijt

The youth of Francois Prijt is turbulent. He grew up in the South East of Amsterdam some call it the ghetto of Amsterdam and in the year 1984 he makes knowledge with electro music and graffiti which blew over from America. This kind of music and the graffiti was very important for the rest of his music career. After his parents bought a Commodore 64 for him, he began making music. After a while he bought a Amiga 500 inspired by productions of others with this device , he completely surrendered to producing music. In the beginn...
Real Name: Daniel Leeflang

Dano aka Update DJ Dano is one of the founders of the hardcore scene, but has never lost his love for techno music. In the past he had his own record label, TPF records, which released with many records together with KC. In this period he and his best friend gave many illegal/free techno parties in Amsterdam, also called TPF. These parties lasted sometimes for more then 48 hours. Althought these parties were free to the public, TPF managed to book foreign artists such as Pounding Grooves (UK) Johan Bacto (Sweden) Andreas Kra...

Michel Klaassen, Born and raised in Amsterdam in 1970 a.k.a. Leviathan started producing in 1985 in a hip-hop crew called D-P "Digital-Power". Through hip-house Michel became obsessed with what later became hardcore played at illegal parties in warehouses. Countless nights he spend in his home studio passionately creating his own music. He released his first record in 1992 in the formation "the TOF band". Michel invested in new equipment and classic Vintage Synthesizers, finally resulting in a professional m...
Real Name: Stephan Scheltema

Amsterdam born and raised CYANIDE / DJ Predator, a.k.a. Stephan Scheltema, had to deal with creative mind all his life. Lost in grafitti art during his childhood, he became intrigued by early Rap music, Breakbeats, Reggae and Electro. The purchase of a Commodore Amiga in 1991, provided him with the means to experiment with beats and breaks himself. Influenced by his love for music and driven by the the rage of a young boy, he established his first release on vinyl in 1992. Over a period of six years, he managed to release more than sixty tra...
DJ Jappo & DJ Lancinhouse
Real Name: Jappo & Lancinhouse

DJ Jappo & DJ Lancinhouse The collaboration of Francesco Iapicca  AKA DJ Jappo AKA Unexist &  Claudio Lancini  AKA DJ Lancinhouse for a number of releases on various labels, producing mainly hardcore/gabber-style tracks.   Unexist breaths and lives hardcore. ‘Unleash the Brutality’ he calls it in his own words. "Hardcore makes me loose my anger, pain and aggression. It’s an addiction that’ll never go away." Francesco is always busy developing his characteristic Un...
Real Name:

  Rexanthony: music composer and producer, keyboards player, live on stage performer. Rexanthony was born in Italy, studied piano and about 1990, he was attracted by synthesizers, sequencers, computer, experimental music. His first embryonal song "Gas Mask" was released in the 1991 followed by "An.Tho.Ny" (1992), released in Japan too. His techno-rave-hardcore cult song "For you Marlene" (1992) and "Gener-Action" (1993) were released throughout Europe and Japan (Avex Trax) and entered th...
The Twins Artcore
Real Name: Giuseppe & Daniele Scaccia

Giuseppe and Daniele Scaccia (Acid Zone and Danytribe), were born on June, 1 1987, in Frosinone, near Rome. They always loved trend music, from the Trance to the Techno, until they discovered the Digital Boy's Extreme "world", starting to collect all the tapes and cd's they found in the shops nearby. After some years they discovered that all this could not be enough, so they started the "Twins Artcore" project, in 2001. We have to wait until 2003 to see them playing on a major console. It was the Stree...
Real Name:

FORMEK started playing techno in 1993, then he changed many electronic music styles and he arrives to hardcore. He played mainly in Switzerland from 2001 to 2003 and in the same period he released two vinyl on IMFTB Records, Swiss label based in Estavayer-le-Lac.  After many experiences with other music genres, such as psytrance with Alpha Pow project and big beat experiences, he restarted with hardcore sound. In 2013 he joined Overdrive events and from 2015 he founded, with 50% of The Twins Artcore Daniele Scaccia, Overdrive R...
Lenny Dee
Real Name: Leonardo Didesiderio

Lenny Dee ( New York U.S.A ) Producer / DJ / Label Owner / Magazine Singles Reviewer Lenny Dee is one of NYC’s earliest techno and house pioneers. He produced classic UK chart-hitting techno with Frankie Bones (as Looney Tunes), Victor Simonelli (for Nu Groove and Def Mix) and Tommy Musto – including their ‘Fallout’ track – now heard on the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’. Early on, Lenny worked at Skyline Studios (at the time home of Nile Rodgers), and at Arthur Baker’s ...
The Outside Agency
Real Name: The Outside Agency

The Producers As true dissidents within the hardcore scene, The Outside Agency has always had its own unique sound. The motivation to be different yet effective was already evident on the very first releases on Mokum in the late 90s. When hardcore suffered a drastic change in direction shortly thereafter, the two members of The Outside Agency (DJ Hidden & Eye-D) no longer felt that they could operate without restraint in the genre and started focusing their attention on drum & bass. Some years later hardcore had transformed yet a...
Smurfina A.K.A Daniela Haverbeck
Real Name: Daniela Haverbeck

  Smurfina was born in 2017, although Daniela has been Djing since 2001. Back then, she was living in Chile, her home country. A Thunderdome CD came to her hands and it was love at the first beat! She bought some vinyls and started to mix at raves and underground events. She added Techno, Schranz, Industrial and Jungle to her case, but was Hard Techno what brought her to Europe, in 2005. After that tour, she came back again and hitted the legendary Club r_AW, becoming part of TTM agency. She got the chance to perform at Defqon1, Mys...
Real Name:

Peckerhead - Daniel Rønhave born 1990. Although Peckerhead probably is the youngest of the Danish Gabber front, he has already shared the stage with people who have had great influence in the hardcore culture. With tireless energy and a good understanding of the genre's standards, his productions is always worth listening to . Although he mostly plays in Denmark, he has been a little bit outside the countrys borders, Sweden, Belgium and Liverpool so far. On the dancefloor he spans wide, from the early nineties hardcore genre and ...
Real Name: Piero Scarato

Piero Scarato, aka System 3 was born in 1976 in a small village near Verona, Italy. At the age of five he started playing with his father's expensive Fostex reel tape recorder and listening to Kraftwerk's "Trance Europe Express" vinyl album. For a few years he studied classical piano and singing. His real musical career started in 1991 when he started DJ'ing and playing with an Akai sampler around in small parties and clubs. In 1994 he released his very first record, Vitamin Pills "Saturn Rings" with D. Baraldo (with ...
The Prophet
Real Name: Dov Elkabas

The Prophet Has Deejayed At Almost All Of The Large Events In The Netherlands - Thunderdome, Masters Of Hardcore, Hellraiser, Megarave, Earthquake, Trip 2 Dreamland, Dance 2 Eden, Mysteryland, Back 2 School, Qlimax, Defqon 1, Decibel, And Innercity. He Has Also Deejayed At Large Events In Other Countries, Such As Utopia Sydney, Goliath Zurich, Voyager Geneva, Mayday Germany, Resident E Germany, Atlantis Los Angeles, Etc., Etc... All The While Besides Recording Gabber Music Dov Elkabas Also Went On Producing Other Kinds Of Music T...
Real Name: Mark Vos

Hardstyle all the way...! BUZZ FUZZ has played all over the world in such places as Australia, USA, Russia, Canada, and of course all over Europe! He was awarded "Best Hardcore Producer" by Thunder Magazine, "Best Remixer", as well as "Best Record Label" for his BZRK Records, which today is one of the best selling hardcore labels in the Netherlands, in addition to TRIPAX Records. He is part of the legendary DreamTeam - a group of DJs/Producers consisting of Gizmo, Dano, The Prophet,...
Armaguet Nad
Real Name: Nadir Lamalch

Nadir Lamalch aka Armaguet Nad grew up in the south of France in Carcassonne. At the age of 16, he moved to Paris and pursued hotel studies and then worked in the restaurant business where he met Philippe, who took him to his first hardcore techno party in 1991. From this meeting, a friendship was forged that would direct his life towards music. In 1994, Armaguet Nad began mixing and the following year he began to compose his own hardcore tracks. From 1995, Armaguet Nad played in rave parties, mainly in France, and, very quickly, he per...
Art Is Anal
Real Name:

Art Is Anal Aka Fist Of Fury & Armaguet Nad Art Is Anal Real names : Eric Lavaud & Nadir Lamalch Eric Lavaud and Nadir Lamalch make up the legendary duo Art Is Anal. In 1997, the two artists met at an anti-nuclear musical demonstration. This is the beginning of an historical collaboration with the unmissable SODOM 005. In 1998, during the recording of the cult double vinyl Digital Bible 1.1 (by The Droogies, with DJ VITRIOL, recorded on the HIV 005 LP01), Fist Of Fury and Armaguet Nad are presenting a daring musi...
Fear Factory
Real Name: Official Gabber Remixes

Fear Factory were formed in 1989 in Los Angeles by Dino Cazares (guitar), Raymond Herrera (drums), Burton C. Bell (vocals) and later Christian Olde Wolbers (bass) under the name Ulceration before switching in 1990 to their current moniker. Influenced by British Grindcore and extreme music such as Napalm Death and Godflesh, Fear Factory's career has seen them pioneer a hybrid of Death Metal, Industrial Metal, Alternative Metal and electronic music. Their first album "Concrete" from 1991 was not released until 2002. This wa...
Real Name:

"The three wise men of present day have awoken to their prophetic legacy: worship of the risen Christ and spreading the glory of Hardcore. From the deserts of Arizona, these three men shine the light of Christ in the dungeonous wicked world of hardcore, blasting dancefloor demons into submission with crushing kicks and uplifting melodies at the most holy of tempos. The time has come to wipe the world of hardcore clean of satan. Only God shall reign. And only God with his elite hardcore group can pull it off. God is good. Hardcore is goo...
Real Name: David Stella

Slugnoid alias Chiodo, is a DJ and producer from Perugia, Italy. He is one of the last supporters of the old sound. Slugnoid characterizes his DJ sets with a strong old style stamp and the exclusive use of the vinyl, enriching all with extensive knowledge of scratches. His productions are a mix between classic and innovative; between the use of synth typically of the 80s / 90s and experimental sounds.
Real Name: Michael & Lee

Lee Newman and Michael Wells formed Greater Than One in London, circa 1985. The group was created to explore art through performance, recordings, and installations. They released albums on Graeme Revell's Side Effects label, WaxTrax! and ROIR in the USA, Torso in Europe, and their own imprint, K=K. In 1990, they started releasing singles as GTO (because it was easier to spell) and Tricky Disco (to explore more techno and house music). As the rave scene of 1991 exploded, Newman and Wells started releasing singles as John + Julie,...
Real Name: Saskia Goutier

S'Aphira tracks on Mokum click  here !!!   Saskia Goutier, better known as s’Aphira these days, started listening to hardcore music in 1992 at the age of 13. That’s when she knew that Hardcore was her way of life. She visited parties all over Holland. At the age of 16 she met Barend Zevenbergen, better known als Dj Na-Goyah and he showed Saskia how to mix some records on the turntables. Finally at the age of 24 after years of dedicating herself to the harder sounding styles she had her first performan...
The Speed Freak
Real Name: Martin Damm

Martin Damm has been releasing records since 1990 under various project names, the most recurrent ones being Biochip C., The Speed Freak, and Search & Destroy. Starting off making German-style EBM techno, he soon became part of the Cologne school around Walker, and released on labels such as Monotone, Force Inc., and Dj.ungle Fever. After his increased popularity especially with the Dutch gabber scene in 1994 and 1995, Mokum and Shockwave became his home labels. His musical activities however stretch much further - tracks from his studio...
Real Name: Orlando Voorn

BIOGRAPHY ORLANDO VOORN Orlando Voorn is one of the first Dutch musicians to establish a vital connection between Detroit and Amsterdam in the early 90’s. He has long been recognized as one of the Netherland’s most original and ingenious producers in the world of electronic dance music. Voorn began DJing at the early age of 12 years old and later went on to win his first scratch competition at Amsterdam “Club Flora Palace”. Amazingly Voorn did this by borrowing records from his competitor. ...
Real Name: Robert Gillmore

Rob GEE is famous in New York as "the hardest DJ to ever play the Limelight." In the early 90's, GEE kept delirious audiences going - spinning at Limelight's "Future Shock" dance/techno nights and performing with his live band and spinning at the club's "Rock And Roll Church" metal/rock/industrial nights. GEE kept the crowds coming back to Limelight, just like they do in Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Austria, Hungary and Belgium to name a few. GEE is a recurring headliner at Sensation, Th...
Tha Kronik
Real Name: Fabrizio Sabatino

  Fabrizio Sabatino a.k.a. Tha KroniK is an Italian Hardcore Techno producer from Avellino. His career officially starts in 2011 and the first EP on Mokum Records was MOK156 released in 2015. He studied at the Avellino Conservatory as a sound engineer. He produces music under different aliases, including The Crash Dummy. Pictures by : flickr.com/justandy82
Walter One
Real Name: Walter Severini

Walter One can be considered an “enfant prodige” of his genre. Walter started in 1991, releasing the “Precious X Project” with a single called “Dukkha”. This record became an instant hit, and brought him at the top in charts around the world. Thanks to this, he has been performing side-to-side with great artists like: Aphex Twin, Frank De Wulf, DHS, PCP, Defcon, Laurent Ho, Lenny Dee, Chosen Few, Dj Dano... he was renowned for being able to perform live (real live) with only 2 Casio FZ1 and a Roland DJ...
Wicked XXX
Real Name: Wicked XXX

Maurice Schipperheijn started spinning different styles of music in the late 80s, early 90s, moving from hip hop and house to breakbeats, drum & bass and hardcore. Slowly started producing on the Commodore Amiga, and eventually in a studio with hardware. Which resulted in several releases under different aliases in drum & bass, happy hardcore and hardcore. On labels like Deathrow, H20h and…. finally Mokum! Also in these years he engineered for several producers. After quitting playing and making hardcore, he fully focused...
Real Name: AKIRA

He has played at clubs as Hemkade (NL), Clubnumberone (IT) ,Pont Aeri (ES), Bunker (DE), Void (UK), as well as raves like Thunderdome, Masters of Hardcore, P.O.R.N, Nightmare in Rotterdam, Defqon.1, Dominator, Project Hardcore, Hardcore4life, Decibel, In Qontrol, Q-base, Digital Overdose, Raving Nightmare. He now spearheads two record labels, Hong Kong Violence and HKVZ. His first singles were released in 1998, all made with the legendary 8 bit hardcore machine a.k.a. Amiga 600. He became good friends with Richard, a.k.a....
Real Name: Scott Brown

  Scott has been writing music and Dj'ing since the early 90's. A true legend in the scene in every way having travelled every corner of the globe to promote his beloved hardcore music!
Real Name: Dennis Adam

Remsy is a Dutch DJ / MC. He was first seen in the video "I Want to Be A Hippy" by Technohead. He was one of the first four Party Animals. After three number one hits with the group and a single with Flamman & Abraxas ("Good to go") He played at big parties like Thunderdome,Hellraiser, and Mystery Land. He is still active as a DJ, both solo and with Wapsquad DJ team. He still regularly preforms as an MC on stage, often with Flamman & Abraxas.  
Gabber Fucker
Real Name: Daniel Sáez

Daniel Sáez, better known as "Gabberfucker", discovered electronic music through two of his brothers, because when he was very young they already heard Techno music and "Bakalao", in the early 90's.  With the loss of one of these brothers and their parents, at the age of 14 years old, Dani (Gabberfucker) found in music (specifically with Hardcore-Techno) a way of escape and nowadays this still remains.  Daniel does not conceive life without music, or better said does not conceive life without Hardcore. Ther...
Real Name:

HellzKicks is two Producers of Hardcore / Frenchcore / Industrial / HARDTHUGZ and more. welcome to all our world of hardcore we're here to make powerful tracks and you bring a new style of hardcore. Now I let you discover our sound and let you share the music for what is eternal. Superhard slammin' full-on distortion, chaos and destructive bass.  
Real Name:

Dj LA CAROTTE (Fr) (MOKUM / G.T.I / ex ID&T France / Early Rave Generation) a.k.a DA CARROT (Fr) (K.M.S / Dance Floor Killers / Kobayashi / Ultra / Crux) << 22 Years of Passion & Love for the Electronic Music! >> -OFFICIAL BIO- -Born in Paris in the middle of 70's. . chilhood with: soul, funk & disco music. He discovers young, the Hip Hop culture in 1984 with the movie : 'WildStyle' & many Pionners of Rap Music. 'with the influence of his Grand cousin in the hip-ho...
Real Name: Yasuhiro Suzuki

M-Project (real name Yasuhiro Suzuki) began his career in 2000. His specialty is Makina, a type of hardcore techno mainly produced in Spain. He runs 4 labels, including MOB SQUAD TOKYO and Terraform Music. With his unique hardcore sound representing a variety of music genres, and chaotic live performances, he has attracted a solid fan base not only in his own country Japan, but also overseas. M-Project is active in various music fields in Japan, such as producing original tracks and remixes for compilations and songs from the Beatmania IIDX ...
Real Name: Massimiliano Cremaschi

Massimiliano Cremaschi aka Dj Macho Dj Macho Producer for Mokum Rec. also produced in Hardcore Blasters and D.H.T. Rec. Artistically he was born in 94/95 in the clubs of Mantova and Verona, then worked at Number One as new talent, Not much later he was Invited to bring his style to many important events and locations National / International as (ECU, Cotton Club, Cellophane, Dehor-Explosion, Florida, Altromondostudios, Synk Lab, "La Florida belgium. Star Fuckers, " Geneva Lake Parade, P...

Welcome to the Happy Hardcore world of the Party Animals.... where being soft is not an option! 15 years after their first break-out Number 1 "Have You Ever Been Mellow" the Party Animals live-show remains a crowd puller. To see what all the fuss is about, you can check out the CD/DVD "Gang Of Four", this compiles the non-stop Happy Hardcore anthems - and their videos, hilarious backstage and behind the scenes antics and an extended and highly opinionated history. Of course - you can see all our videos online on our site ...
Real Name: Super Gabber

Hakkûhbar was a Dutch parody act, which had notable chart success in Holland in late 1996 and early 1997. During the height of the 'gabber era', in which musically related styles like happy hardcore, rave and gabber house enjoyed large-scale mainstream success throughout the Benelux and Germany, Dutch singer and writer Bob Fosko (former frontman of punk band De Raggende Manne) came up with the concept of Hakkûhbar. He recorded the song 'Gabbertje' together with his son, a one-time member of the then-extremely popular happy h...
Liza 'N' Eliaz
Real Name: Liza 'N' Eliaz

Liza 'N Eliaz is often called The Queen of Terror. This terror-queen from Belgium can be called quite an oldbie. She started in several electro- and industrial bands, and around 1990 she got interested in hardcore. She made tracks under the name of Stockhousen ("A Fox may hunt too"). Furthermore she made a lot of productions together with people such as Dano, Laurent Ho and the Prophet. In 1997 she founded her own Provision label. Sadly, she died from Lung-cancer in early 2001, which was a big loss for those close to...
Real Name: Nicolai Vorkapich

Nicolai Vorkapich US techno / acid / rave producer better known as Nico. Died prematurely in 1999 of Cancer.  RIP Nico we never gonna forget you and your awesome music

Mokum Records is a Dutch independent record label specialising in gabber and hardcore techno releases. The label founded in 1992 by Fred Berkhout (Freddy B) as humorous response to Rotterdam Records. (Mokum is the Yiddish word for Amsterdam.) The label started out under the wing of Boudisque Records and later changed hands to the Dutch division of American rock company Roadrunner Records.part of The Island Def Jam Music Group - Mokum was a sister label to Go Bang! Records and ESP Records. The label was active until late 1998 ar...