Lammert Brouwer

Painbringer(known as Lammert Brouwer) has always been a big music fan.
He Listens to almost every style of music from artists The Prodigy, Depeche Mode,
Kraftwerk, Michael Jackson, N.W.A.. the list is endless.
In the early 90's Lammert grew up with the infamous gabber/hardcore sound. For years he followed the scene, listening mostly to labels like Cenobite, Ruffneck, Mokum, Industrial Strength and H2oh.
Thanks to those labels he developed a weak spot for the more energetic hardcore-sound wich included break-beats, rough 'zaag' melodies and screaming acid.

The love for this sound was one of the main reasons to produce his own hardcore after the last millennium when hardcore faded
Using his alter-ego Painbringer. His main style can be described as hardcore mixed with goa-trance/acid influences,
a heavy drum'n bass sound with an oldschool touch.

He's already released tracks on the legendary Cenobite Records and Mokum Records.

Painbringer can be booked as a DJ  and can transform the dance floor into a dancing inferno!




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